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Authorized distributor of Rum Runner Cruise Flasks
Keep your soda, drinks, and wine cool in the room or by the pool. Don't fret about those cruise line ice buckets that sweat everywhere and melt quickly! Rigid plastic coolers are banned by most cruise lines, but these collapsible coolers are allowed.

Choose from 12 or 24 drink capacity.
Zippered/velcro with nylon handles

Guns and Hoses Travel Company brand logo on top.
Collapsible Cruise Cooler
(12 can capacity pictured)
cruise_flasks002005.jpg cruise_flasks003006.jpg cruise_flasks003005.jpg
Enjoy your drinks all day long in this double wall tumbler! Keeps your drink nice and cold for hours! Secured lid, with a sturdy straw completes the ultimate cruise tumbler!

Take your Cruise Flask with you in your bag, and refill your tumbler all day long! Think of all the money you will be saving. Beats the cheap plastic cups the cruise lines give you pool side!

Designed by Guns and Hoses Travel Company.
Double Wall Artic Cruise
Tumbler with Lid & Straw
12 Can Capacity
24 Can Capacity
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