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Authorized distributor of Rum Runner Cruise Flasks
Q. What if I drop my flask in the water?
A. Don't worry, they float!

Q. Should I carry it on me when going through security?
A. No, we recommend packing it in your checked luggage. Airlines do not allow more than 3 oz of liquid in carry on luggage.

Q. Are they a one time use?
A. No, they are easily cleaned with soap and water, turn upside and puff with air and let air dry with cap off
To get the best use out of your cruise flask:
1. Fill with warm to hot water
2. Massage/work the full flask
3. Drain the water
4. Fill with your beverage (for best results, do not use carbonated beverages)
5. Fill completely, ensuring all air bubbles are out before sealing

We recommend packing the flasks in your checked luggage
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